Deborah Bowers

My name is Deborah Bowers and I have been a member of Liberty Baptist Church since I was 7 years old. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I was 12 years old. I have done various things in the church from helping with nursery, singing specials and in the choir, to helping and leading the music for the children’s Christmas program and vacation bible school.

A few years ago I felt God was telling me to go in a different direction. I felt he was telling me to lead a Ladies Bible Study. For about a year or so, I was arguing with God that I was not qualified to lead such a ministry. I finally gave in to his will and not mine. I still do not feel I am qualified, but I do feel that I have learned a tremendous amount preparing for Bible study and maybe that was God’s purpose all along. Maybe it was not for me to teach anyone anything, but to learn from others. You see I am very much a person who likes to have it all together. My life; however, is far from altogether. The very thought of letting people in to see that my life was not perfect terrified me to no end.

Coming out of your comfort zone can be a scary, but rewarding experience. I was able to meet women and develop relationships that I would otherwise probably never develop. I was able to see that I was not alone and most mom’s feel inadequate at some point in their journey in careers, as wives and in the motherhood process. I learned we could help support each other.

I have two children, a boy Jordan (13) and a girl Brooklyn Grace (11). I was married for 18 years, but recently got divorced last year. I am still figuring out what church life is like, now that I am not married. It should not be hard, but finding where you fit now can be a little challenging. I look forward to transitioning to Life Groups and what this new change and opportunity will offer in my spiritual life.