Brad and Faye Adams

Brad was saved at a young age. Because churches are run by humans, things happen and add that to me being spiritually immature I walked away from the church, which in turn lead to me walking away from God. My wife and sons started to go to church and she was praying for me to join her. I went a few a times and God was calling me back, if we listen hard enough, He is always calling. We just have to be willing and open to answer the call.

Faye was saved at a later age, grew up in a home with religious rules but no relationship with Jesus. He kept calling me and I would answer for a bit but it was never real, it was for my own agenda for something I was looking for or needed. When we adopted the boys their teacher gave me a stained glass cross, and that opened the door for her to disciple me, show me who Jesus is and I began to build a relationship with Him. Since then I have dug in deep, learned, and am so thankful that He never stopped calling me!
There is no doubt that Liberty is a big church. Life groups will give us an opportunity to build intimate relationships. We will be able to encourage one another, get to know one another on a deeper level, pray for one another and hold each other accountable. It is always easier to ask questions in a smaller setting than a large group. Both of us grew deeper in our relationship with Jesus in life groups in the past, and we are excited to be able to open our home and offer the same. You may be asking yourself, but I  don’t know them, I am not sure if life groups work for me.  If you love Jesus then the answer is YES! Come out and we  will all grow together and be stronger in our walk with God.