Trevor and Melanie Vickers

Trevor was saved at the young age of 9 and then recommitted his life back to Christ in 2012. Melanie gave her life to Christ at the age of 19. They both have a passion for the Word and serving Christ that allows them to step out of there comfort zone and grow stronger in their faith. Melanie is very active in serving at Liberty already. Currently she’s served in KidzWorld faithfully for 4 years. Why the LifeGroups are important to them is the opportunity to build friendships and relationships with like-minded Christians. The main goals are to grow deeper with God through his Word and press into lives to help cultivate the growth in one’s own walk of faith with God and help equip each other with the tools needed to live out our faith in our daily lives. Whether a believer or an unbeliever, there are 3 important steps we try to implement in helping someone grow a deeper relationship with God: Information (you need be taught and learn the Truth), Application (taking what we’ve learned and applying it to our daily lives; which this is also the hardest of the 3 steps and then Transformation (after you learn the Truth and discover the correct information and have found a way to apply it to our daily lives, then we begin to see the transformation in that believer’s life. We look forward to connecting and if were going to Heaven, we should invite as many friends as possible!