Simple is Best

Does anyone wish we could live a simpler life?  Maybe less activities; fewer social media likes or less scurrying around town?  I do.   Especially when it comes to church.  When did church become a mishmash of programs, events and calendar items?  Church has become akin to a concert with lights, smoke and video.  I’m pretty sure that’s not what church should look like or even try to make happen.  

In the early beginnings of what is now the New Testament church we see a simplistic method of presenting the Gospel.  It required no stages dressed in the latest backdrops; no sophisticated sound system and no high definition cameras on boom swings.  As a matter of fact, there was no Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  So how did the early church survive in the first century?

Well, the early church just didn’t survive, it thrived!   Its message was loud and clear and those who presented it were common men who had no Brooks Brother suits or fancy shoes.  They were simple men of common trade who decided the message of Jesus superseded a new suit and a large hand-crafted church stage.  

Initially these new preachers, now known as Apostles, had spent about three years with Jesus as his traveling companions.  They learned from him the secrets of the kingdom.  They learned from Him how to give unselfishly and they figured out that the message of the cross was to be offered to all who would listen.  Jesus taught them what it meant to be a follower of Christ.

So, on a fateful day in Jerusalem as these men huddled in an upper room, something that Jesus had promised to them finally came to be.   On the Day of Pentecost, a yearly Jewish festival, the Holy Spirit descended on these men and their lives were forever changed.  Now we could complicate what happened in that room with scholarly words and academia inspired dissertations, but what happened was very simple.  These men were given the power to preach with such great conviction that on that day they saw 3000 souls come to Christ. At Pentecost, the disciples witnessed the birth of the New Testament church in the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell all believers.

From that day forward the simple message of the cross has been enough to fulfill the calling of the Lord to be witnesses until His return. How absolutely necessary is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit! It is not possible for us to promote the glory of God or to bless the souls of men, unless the Holy Spirit be in us and with us

Today all that is required from us is the same.  Just a willingness to accept the Holy Spirit within us and allow Christ to use us.  You don’t need a million-dollar sound system or a national television audience to preach the power of the cross.  Remember, most folks are not Bible scholars and don’t need academic knowledge.  They just need a simple message that’s understandable.  

You can receive the Holy Spirit at any time.  Just ask Jesus.  Simple.

Love in Christ
Pastor Barry

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