Meet the team

Liberty has been under the leadership of Pastor Matt Burrell since 2008. With dedicated staff and passionate people like you, we desire to have a deep and lasting impact in York County and beyond. Here at Liberty, our message and mission is simply to help connect people to the life giving message of Jesus. 

Matt Burrell

Lead Pastor
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Dusty Brackett

Executive Pastor
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Brad Hanke

Childrens Pastor
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James Lingerfelt

Connections Pastor
I've lived in York my entire life and I've been involved in ministry since 2012. In 2015, along with my wife Amber, I took the position of Teen Pastor at Liberty. I held that position for three years before transitioning to my current position in 2018. I love the Lord, and sharing the truths of the Gospel with as many people as I can. If you are ever our guest at Liberty please come see me at the connections desk and let me connect you to our beautiful, Christ loving body of believers.

Zac Brackett

Worship Leader
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Greg Brakefield

Student Leader
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Barry Rash

  Discipleship Pastor
Welcome to LifeGroups.  I am the Discipleship Pastor here at Liberty.  Are you looking for a deeper knowledge of Jesus and His ministy?  Then come meet me and Angie at Liberty and let me get you involved in a LifeGroup.  We meet during the week in the homes of fellow believers for an hour of fun, food and learning.  Don't hesitate and come join us for spiritual growth!